Join the diverse communities at Mercy

At Mercy, we're committed to maintaining a diverse and culturally rich environment for our employees, our patients and our community in southern Ohio. That's why all of our affiliates—Mercy Health, Community Mercy Health Partners and Mercy Health - Senior Health and Housing—promote total career wellness, an environment that is diverse in thought, culture and experience, and allows our patients to feel comfortable and at home within our care. From cultural events to supporting local organizations that align with our values, our Diversity Council ensures that all Mercy campuses mirror the communities they serve by participating in:

Support of local subcontractors—many of our contractors are local businesses with diverse backgrounds. Our initiative to keep small businesses growing and diverse companies thriving in our area has been nationally recognized.

Community involvement—from our involvement with the United Way and Healthy Moms and Babes to community support groups and our work with local churches and religious organizations, Mercy is dedicated to the people of southern Ohio.

Education—all of our employees take part in a diversity education course that promotes tolerance, involvement and acceptance.

Our employees take pride in knowing that their voices are heard, their hard work is consistently recognized and there are numerous ways to grow their careers. We believe that all of our unique perspectives, talents and abilities make us a more caring and compassionate place to work, and we welcome you to explore the ways in which Mercy can help you expand your career and be your destination workplace.

Mercy Health—we don't see boundaries,
we see opportunity.

Join Mercy as we attend these upcoming events:

  • Job News Diversity Job Fair
    Wednesday, September 17, 2014
    10am – 2pm
    Sharonville Convention Center
    11355 Chester Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45246

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We're always looking for diverse talent to join our leadership teams, including: